If I could redo all of my content marketing

If I could redo all of my content marketing, from every company I’ve ever worked on, I would keep this single, simple mantra in mind:

The content you publish should feel like you’re giving a gift.

I certainly don’t feel that about everything I’ve published. Perhaps the closest I’ve gotten to that is the book I wrote. I spent a lot of time on it and put a lot of planning into it. Outlines, research, conversations with people. That’s probably what it takes to feel like I’m really giving something valuable.

This is certainly aspirational. I don’t expect to achieve this bar every time I click publish but I should be aware of when I don’t reach that threshold. It’s a good marker to go after.

To get closer to it more often, I’ll try to follow this process for future blog posts:

  • Write an outline first
  • Write in multiple sittings
  • Do a final reading before publishing

If I did this with every blog post, not only would I publish better content, I think over time it would make me a better writer.

This post, perhaps ironically, did not have an outline but did get written over multiple sittings and did get a read-through. The first draft was kind of an outline, though. I can give myself credit for that.

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