Taking the CEO job at MightySignal

Earlier this summer the Apple App Store celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Since it launched a decade ago, iPhone users downloaded over 200 billion apps and the App Store now holds over 4 million of them to choose from.

The tremendous growth in the mobile app market spawned an additional ecosystem around software development kits (SDKs). SDKs allow developers to quickly incorporate features like telephony and ad serving, often for a fee, into these apps. There are thousands of these SDKs produced by startups and multinational tech companies alike.

It is no surprise then that sales and marketing teams are clamoring for market intelligence around SDK popularity and usage. This is where MightySignal comes in.

Founded in 2015 by Shane Wey and Jason Lew, MightySignal is now the leading provider of SDK usage and ad intelligence across iOS and Android. MightySignal tracks over four million apps and four thousand SDKs and is the only service with intelligence on iOS 11.

The most popular MightySignal product is its web portal. The web portal allows customers to see SDK installs and uninstall timelines and seamlessly sort and filter by app store ranking and ranking changes. MightySignal data is also ingestible by API, a Salesforce integration, data feeds and downloads. Customers including Adobe, Zendesk, Mixpanel, and Amplitude use this information to target and score sales and marketing leads.

The MightySignal Explore Web Portal

MightySignal’s team built a thriving business with revenues doubling in the last year. As a result, a new set of operators has joined the team to focus on continuing the rapid trajectory. Ryan Buckley, previously founder and CEO of Scripted, has joined MightySignal as General Manager. Most recently Ryan led FindEmails.com and TrackJobChanges.com, two popular B2B prospecting services which MightySignal is planning to acquire.

At the same time, Jason and Shane, MightySignal’s founders, as well as their principal engineers have agreed to join Instacart through a separate acquisition.

“The thing that struck me most about MightySignal was its strong business fundamentals. The MightySignal team did a tremendous job of acquiring a massive, unique dataset and over sixty of the largest tech companies in the world as customers to consume it,” Ryan Buckley said.

“Working with Ryan and his team have instilled the confidence that our creative effort, passion and launch of MightySignal will be carried forward into the future. Ryan has been an execution machine and our customers are already seeing his positive impact,” Founder Jason Lew shared.

MightySignal’s departing team will be missed! But we wish them an exciting adventure at their new home.

Note: This post was originally published on MightySignal’s Medium blog here: https://blog.mightysignal.com/mightysignals-new-leadership-93337e69e03d

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