How chess and entrepreneurship are the same

I’ve always been a decent chess player, but recently I’ve started playing a lot more. Like, a lot more. I am happily addicted to the beautiful game once again.  I learned to play when I was really young and have always enjoyed chess despite the fact that I haven’t improved all that much in the… Continue reading How chess and entrepreneurship are the same

Why I’m applying to be an instructor at DVC

Here’s the cover letter for my application to be a part-time adjunct marketing instructor at Diablo Valley College (DVC). In essence, I’m doing this because I’ve really enjoyed every opportunity I’ve had to speak, volunteer, and recruit at DVC. Prior to reaching out to a professor there just over a year ago, I didn’t know… Continue reading Why I’m applying to be an instructor at DVC

Dealing with public speaking panic attacks

There are people who can talk and talk and talk. You know who I’m talking about. They have opinions on pretty much everything and can relay facts and anecdotes on any topic. And they like to share it all.  Then there are people who write prolifically. It’s their main medium of communication. Ask them to… Continue reading Dealing with public speaking panic attacks