Read Write Play: Q4 2017

A few months ago I wrote this piece about three things I wish I did more often to be and feel better.

One of the things on my list was another list of three things. For personal enrichment, I want to always have something that I’m reading, something that I’m writing, and something that I’m learning to play on guitar or piano.

It’s my ongoing self-education, and the three classes I’m taking are reading, writing, and music. When I’m not doing all three (or more realistically, at least two of the three) then I’m playing hookie, not learning as much as I should.

To stay sharp, which is important to me personally and professionally, I need to keep this up. More importantly, though, I really enjoy doing it.

So here’s my first in what I hope will be at least a quarterly update on what I’m reading, writing, and playing.

Reading: A People’s History of the United States

My friends back in my UC Berkeley days always spoke highly of this book and I probably read a chapter in one of my freshman year classes. I’ve re-discovered an interest in history and read a biography of Charlemagne after watching a show about the dark ages on the History Channel’s Vault app. I figured it was finally time to tackle this one.

Writing: The Parallel Entrepreneur

I’m about halfway through a book on parallel entrepreneurship, in which I dissect the tactics and rationale behind running multiple businesses at once. I’ve already been writing about it on Medium and this book is where I’m compiling my favorite thoughts. Here’s an early book cover draft.

Playing: How Far I’ll Go from the Moana soundtrack, Bennie and the Jets by Elton John

I inherited my grandma’s piano a couple of years ago and I’m very pleased to be slowly learning how to play. To make it fun I’ve been learning my favorite pop tunes, and to make it easier to practice when the kids are running around, I’m learning their favorite songs. My daughter Lily is obsessed with the Moana soundtrack so I’m learning to play it on piano. Win-win.

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