Return of the nap

Last week I was on vacation. I go to Pinecrest every year and stay at the cabin my great grandpa built 80 years ago. It’s a special place where life quiets and slows down. It’s the only place where I can very easily turn off the internet.

It’s also a wonderful place to nap.

Naps are the most underrated adult activity. My days as a parent now revolve around nap schedules. Meals, errands, and playtime are timed by the nap.

Why is napping only a province for toddlers? I hearby beckon the return of the nap!

Benefits are many:

  • Stay up later to get that extra reading or writing done
  • Sleep better when you decide to sleep for the night
  • Have a high energy afternoon, in which you’re happier and eat less
  • All the other regular benefits of sleep

Napping at work is a taboo. The mid afternoon doldrums hit and instead of napping, I go for a walk, often to get a coffee. Napping for 30 mins would yield better results, but I can’t nap while my colleagues work.

So I’ll have to wait until my office days are over. Then I’ll nap the same time my kids do, and it will be glorious.

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