Read Write Play: Q1 2018

Reading: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad proved to be the most important book I read this quarter.

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I learned a lot about real estate investing, about the importance of being a business owner to reduce taxable income, and in general how to think about where my money goes.

It influenced my thinking about scaling the businesses I’m working on and I think often about this critical message he makes several times in this book:

The wealthiest people Robert Kiyosaki knows spend the least amount of time working.

That should give all of us pause. The more successful you are at business, the more freedom you have. It’s a theme I’ve touched on elsewhere in my life and in my writing, but he really nails it in the way he describes his own ascent in life and business. It resonated a lot with me.

Writing: The Parallel Entrepreneur

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I finished my book! It’s no Rich Dad Poor Dad (despite what Jon Miller says) but I’m proud of it. It’s on Amazon and Audible. Enjoy!

I finished it while on my first-ever writing retreat. I’ve written about my most important entrepreneurial retreat and also about this particular focused writing vacation where I wrote 17,000 words in two days. I’m proud of the effort and I’m also proud of the book. Here’s the quote from Jon Miller, co-founder of Marketo.

The Parallel Entrepreneur is to B2B startups as Rich Dad Poor Dad is to real-estate. It’s a manifesto to entrepreneurs that you don’t need to raise venture capital to build a profitable business; that you can be your own boss; that you can control your own destiny — and still be successful. Ryan is one of the few folks who’ve successfully navigated this path, and in this book he shares his hard-won experience. If you are thinking about starting a business to generate some cash, you owe it to yourself to read The Parallel Entrepreneur.

Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio and Co-founder of Marketo

Playing: The Girl From Ipanema

I keep a classical guitar in my living room and have always been a fan of Jobim. This song is a perfect one to noodle on and play fingerstyle while my kids are doing their trains or coloring. I can interact with them and let my hands go on this simple melody. It’s beautiful.

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