Don’t vote your conscience

The essence of my argument is this: don’t expect too much of your public officials.

Yes, I say this as someone who hopes to run for office himself some day. Don’t expect the world of me either. I’ll be fallible, influenced by powerful friends, subject to emotional whims, and vote for things I regret. I’ll say things I regret too and backpedal my writings (maybe even this post!). That’s just because I, like Donald, like Hillary, like Barack, like George, and everyone before them, am human.

To run for public office you have to have a strong dose of at least one of these two things: egomania and a bleeding heart. The best politicians are blessed with both.

I think you know where I’m going with this. Politicians are not normal people.

Question: Who would sign up to solve the country’s (or the state’s or county’s or city’s) hardest (unsolvable, even) problems for very little pay and a shitload of scrutiny from every walk of life?

Answer: An egomaniac who actually believes she has all the answers, or a bleeding heart who is so selfless he’ll sacrifice his income and his time for the common good.

The 2016 presidential race

Now let’s bring this around to the 2016 race for president, and everything I’ve said above should get multiplied 100-fold. These are the most egotistical, selfless, crazy oddballs in the country running for an office that no man or woman could possibly ever actually be qualified to hold.

Think about this. Is there a human on this earth who is an expert in macroeconomics, military history, healthcare, education, microeconomics (because when your local bookstore closes, it’s also the president’s fault), urban planning, and energy, and can string a sentence together in front of millions of people while kissing babies?

Didn’t think so. It’s an illusion. This person doesn’t exist. He was not nominated by the Republicans. She was not nominated by the Democrats. In the history of the universe, you cannot point to a record of this person ever being born.

So stop looking!

This is why the “I’m voting my conscience” bullshit I see on Facebook is so aggravating. No, you’re not voting your conscience. You’re disillusioned by your illusion that there was ever a perfect candidate to begin with. Get your head out of the clouds and help the rest of us here on earth by voting for the best person you have to choose from.

If you’re frustrated with politics now then guess what? You’ll be frustrated with politics for the rest of your life, too. Was there ever a time since the formation of our republic when we got it right? Look at every president, every era, every swing of the conservative-to-liberal pendulum, and you’ll see history repeating itself. The specifics will change, but the fallibilities of the people running and the people elected will not.

And that is why I am writing this. To save you from frustration for the rest of your years. You’re looking for a candidate that only exists in movies and TV shows. Stop looking and vote for Hillary.

As we know all too well in this election, reality TV is an oxymoron. Or maybe just a moron. I dunno, you tell me.

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