First and foremost, I want to thank my mom. This is the only section in the book that she hasn’t read and edited. If these acknowledgments are published with any typos, that’s why.

I am also grateful to my wife for being supportive throughout this process. I’ve wanted to write a book for a while and like starting a business or a family, there’s no perfect time to do it. She knows this too and supported me starting this project when our youngest daughter was just a few months old.

I must thank the many entrepreneurs I spoke with by phone, via email, and who completed the survey I referenced extensively in this book. In no particular order they are Bruce Katuna, Nathan Latka, Andrej Danko, Buddy Arnheim, Diane Baxter, Kyle Duck, Max Altschuler, Tristan Pollock, Matt McGarvey, Ted Chan, Sheel Mohnot, Jack Spilberg, Berna Haws, Nemo Chu, David Hauser, Josh Pigford, Jonathan Siegel, and Nico Kurlas.

Chris Cole designed the book cover elements and parallel entrepreneur infographics. His website is Elena Reznikova completed the book cover and interior page layout. Her website is

Thomas Hauck did my final editing. His website is I also want to thank Toby Lester for providing initial feedback on the manuscript and assuring me that it was not a complete disaster and Tara Caguiat for doing a first pass on all the typos.

Finally, I want to thank the thousands of technologists who release and contribute to the open-source software projects that make it possible for people like me to sell software subscriptions for a living. These are the unsung heroes of the internet age.

Without them, online entrepreneurship would be much more difficult and specifically the parallel entrepreneurship I described in this book would be impossible.