Lifestyle over money

I reconnected with a few college friends recently who I rarely see. They were overachievers — 3.95 GPAs at UC Berkeley (which is quite literally insane, especially in the poli sci and math departments they graduated from) — and went on to get great jobs and MBAs from Stanford and Harvard. They both have plenty of money, lots of… Continue reading Lifestyle over money

Building out my little empire

It’s been over a year since I left the comfort and security of a VC-backed paycheck. I haven’t missed it. It’s been a year of growth and development. I’ve struggled, I’ve succeeded, and in some aspects I’ve failed. But the ball has continued to move forward. For most of the past 18 months I haven’t… Continue reading Building out my little empire

Toofr LLC quarterly report: Q2 2018

I write this from the creek in my backyard where the mosquitos are celebrating this oddly cool summer morning in Walnut Creek by devouring my shins. I like to work down here anyway. It's a reminder that nothing is perfect and it'll also force me to type a bit faster. Q2 ended with a really… Continue reading Toofr LLC quarterly report: Q2 2018

From good to great

An excerpt from The Parallel Entrepreneur If you can get your business up to $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR), then that’s really good. Most entrepreneurs never get there. It’s good but not great. Jonathan Siegel gave me advice that I’ll never forget. I use this bit of wisdom to fire up my drive. He… Continue reading From good to great

Why SaaS is a solo founder’s dream come true

The dream is 100 customers paying you $100 per month. That’s the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solopreneur’s mecca. A hundred customers paying $100 per month adds up to $120,000 per year of revenue. Since we’re building software, you’ll have about 85% gross margins, so your gross profit is at least $100,000. Your operating expenses are business-related assets… Continue reading Why SaaS is a solo founder’s dream come true

A few more thoughts about hiring

Last week I started hiring again for the first time in almost a year. It felt different this time because I’m now hiring for my own bootstrapped business. It was also different because I was the sole decision-maker. Here’s a recap on how it went down and what I learned. It’s been nearly seven months… Continue reading A few more thoughts about hiring

Hiring feels a lot different when it’s your own money

I recently posted a part-time marketing job description to help me with a bunch of tactical stuff for Toofr. I need help writing, SEO position tracking, supporting customers, and generally moving the ball downfield on all of my websites. I posted on Craigslist, HireClub, and Over the last few days I received about 50… Continue reading Hiring feels a lot different when it’s your own money