Toofr LLC quarterly report: Q2 2018

I write this from the creek in my backyard where the mosquitos are celebrating this oddly cool summer morning in Walnut Creek by devouring my shins. I like to work down here anyway. It's a reminder that nothing is perfect and it'll also force me to type a bit faster. Q2 ended with a really… Continue reading Toofr LLC quarterly report: Q2 2018

My $524,687 side hustle

By the time I officially went full-time onto Toofr, its lifetime Stripe revenue was in excess of $524,000 with monthly recurring revenue (MRR) hovering around $18,000. That’s great revenue for a project I spent just a few hours a week on over the last few years. It’s also why I’m so excited to have the… Continue reading My $524,687 side hustle