The 3 things that mattered to me in 2017

I can encapsulate my 2017 in three quick topics. Fatherhood This year began with a very high high and a very low low. The high was Norah, born just a month before the new year. I was excited to be a new dad again and go into it seasoned this time. I wanted to soak… Continue reading The 3 things that mattered to me in 2017

Scripted don’t quit

Ten things I learned in 10 years of doing this It was mid-August 2015, in the conference room we named Battery after a private social club that one of our investors built. This was “Curtis Day,” the day we were trying to close our new CEO, who was with us for a final round interview. I… Continue reading Scripted don’t quit

What’s next for me

This is a really exciting time for me. A year and a half ago I moved to Walnut Creek, made some great friends in the neighborhood, got a brown dog and named him Blue, and welcomed our second daughter to the family. Then about a year ago I became CEO of Scripted, the company I… Continue reading What’s next for me

The Ascent of Blue

Like many great love stories, this one begins on Craigslist And like many young couples in San Francisco, after our first child was born we felt a magnetic pull to the suburbs. While my wife was researching neighborhoods and more practical things, I’d been scouring the internet to find a dog. And not just any… Continue reading The Ascent of Blue

We saw through our bubble and we don’t like it

On election day, instead of looking out and seeing our own reflection, we caught a glimpse of the other side, and we did not like what we saw. I’m reminded of the “Google Bus” uproar, and the open letter by a “tech bro” to the mayor of San Francisco about the Bay Area homeless problem.… Continue reading We saw through our bubble and we don’t like it