My thyroid got cancer: one year later

This is a follow-up to my first article, My Thyroid Got Cancer. The ultrasounds are soothing. The whir of the machine, the doctor’s thoughtful grunts as she probes my neck, the crackle of the paper on the examination table. It is very familiar to me now. I relax into it and close my eyes. I… Continue reading My thyroid got cancer: one year later

The definition of parallel entrepreneurship

Here’s the concept. You don’t quit your day job and then build a startup. You build a startup and then quit your day job. There’s no reason anymore to go full-time into any one thing. If you have the itch to try your hand at starting a business, then you should do it while your… Continue reading The definition of parallel entrepreneurship

My greatest hits at Scripted

I’ve been thinking recently about what I did right during my time at Scripted as a co-founder, COO, head of sales, and finally CEO. A few surprising things came to mind. Here they are. I had “grandma shirts” made for the entire team at our last retreat Let me take a step back and explain this… Continue reading My greatest hits at Scripted

I’m not shaving until my company is profitable

I’ve been working on Scripted for five years and it’s never been profitable. More like ten years if you count my pre-pivot company too. Even when we didn’t have employees, we still weren’t profitable. We actually didn’t lose a lot of money back then, but we didn’t make a lot either. Then we raised $18M… Continue reading I’m not shaving until my company is profitable