Another day, another BBQ

One of the things I dreamt about from the confines of my marina apartment in San Francisco was was barbecuing in my backyard-to-be. I salivated at the thought of barbecuing at any time, on any day. Just fire up the grill and drop on a salted and peppered rib eye or marinated chicken thighs. I… Continue reading Another day, another BBQ

Buckley’s grilled cowboy rib eye steaks

Here’s the recipe. Get some big ass cowboy rib eye steaks. Bone-in because you’re not a wimp and you’re willing to pay $17 per pound for some carbon. Seriously, shell out. These two bad boys costed $64 at Whole Foods. Hurt so good!Sprinkle LIBERALLY with salt. Yes, like Bernie Sanders liberally.Use a rub if you… Continue reading Buckley’s grilled cowboy rib eye steaks