Benefits of being a work from home dad

For the last couple of years I've been working from home, generating my own income with my own companies on my own timeline. It's been a wonderful change of pace from the stress and surprises of startup life. On one hand the timing of needing to sell my venture-backed business really sucked. On the other… Continue reading Benefits of being a work from home dad

My thyroid got cancer

My thyroid got cancer some time ago. The doctors can’t say when because there was no way to determine a growth rate. It might have been thirty years ago when my throat was X-rayed during a bout with really bad croup, but nobody knows. On January 29, 2017, a talented surgeon at Kaiser in Walnut… Continue reading My thyroid got cancer

The Ascent of Blue

Like many great love stories, this one begins on Craigslist And like many young couples in San Francisco, after our first child was born we felt a magnetic pull to the suburbs. While my wife was researching neighborhoods and more practical things, I’d been scouring the internet to find a dog. And not just any… Continue reading The Ascent of Blue