Ode to the wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow cleverly combines two ancient technologies, the wheel and the lever, into a very useful device. Elegant and efficient, it's a beauty to behold. I mean really, look at this thing. The leverage you get comes from the long handles. Keeping the load near the fulcrum allows you to lift the load off the… Continue reading Ode to the wheelbarrow

My first month of real teaching

I leave Diablo Valley College each Tuesday and Thursday exhausted but on the equivalent of a mental high. Teaching two Introduction to Business sections back-to-back is a full body+mind workout that I've never experienced before. My classroom I'm three weeks in with thirteen more to go until the end of the semester. I've learned a… Continue reading My first month of real teaching

Welcome letter to my search marketing class

I'm teaching my first community college course in a couple of months. It's exciting. It's intimidating. It's an incredible amount of prep work, since it's completely online, so it's tiring too. However, I'm already feeling proud of this course despite being nowhere close to ready. The online course I took at DVC about teaching an… Continue reading Welcome letter to my search marketing class

I’m now an adjunct!

Last October, a professor in the business department at Diablo Valley College (DVC) asked me if I would apply to teach part-time in a new digital marketing certificate program. It was an easy decision; of course I would. I'd been volunteering at DVC since late 2018, speaking in classes and helping with pitch competitions. I… Continue reading I’m now an adjunct!

Why I’m applying to be an instructor at DVC

Here’s the cover letter for my application to be a part-time adjunct marketing instructor at Diablo Valley College (DVC). In essence, I’m doing this because I’ve really enjoyed every opportunity I’ve had to speak, volunteer, and recruit at DVC. Prior to reaching out to a professor there just over a year ago, I didn’t know… Continue reading Why I’m applying to be an instructor at DVC

What my grad school experience meant to me

I write this from Cambridge, MA. I took the red eye last night, flying in from SFO. There used to be a lot more flights out of OAK a decade ago when I did this trip several times a year. Now they are few and far between. This time I have a house and a… Continue reading What my grad school experience meant to me

What I’m most afraid of

I started writing this post at my most recent Contra Costa County Sustainability Commission meeting which was aptly held on Earth Day. Since then I've been thinking more about this content, tossing it around in my head. The problems I described, just in the past month, have only gotten worse: historically high temperatures in the… Continue reading What I’m most afraid of