Why SaaS is a solo founder’s dream come true

The dream is 100 customers paying you $100 per month. That’s the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solopreneur’s mecca. A hundred customers paying $100 per month adds up to $120,000 per year of revenue. Since we’re building software, you’ll have about 85% gross margins, so your gross profit is at least $100,000. Your operating expenses are business-related assets… Continue reading Why SaaS is a solo founder’s dream come true

The definition of parallel entrepreneurship

Here’s the concept. You don’t quit your day job and then build a startup. You build a startup and then quit your day job. There’s no reason anymore to go full-time into any one thing. If you have the itch to try your hand at starting a business, then you should do it while your… Continue reading The definition of parallel entrepreneurship

From royal ‘we’ to royal ‘me’

On being transparent that Toofr is just me When I first started Toofr, even though I was the only person working on it, I’d refer to myself in the plural. “We launched a couple of years ago.” “We’re going to release that feature soon.” “The biggest difference between us and them is…” And so on. My… Continue reading From royal ‘we’ to royal ‘me’

Why founders break up

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts recently and How I Built This has been particularly interesting. Beyond the travails and comebacks, it’s been fascinating to see over the span of a dozen podcasts how many founding teams break up. It’s far more likely that at least one of the founders leaves the company… Continue reading Why founders break up

My $524,687 side hustle

By the time I officially went full-time onto Toofr, its lifetime Stripe revenue was in excess of $524,000 with monthly recurring revenue (MRR) hovering around $18,000. That’s great revenue for a project I spent just a few hours a week on over the last few years. It’s also why I’m so excited to have the… Continue reading My $524,687 side hustle

Don’t make a mountain of a Sand Hill (Road)

So, you want to start a business. Fantastic! There’s no nobler pursuit. Except maybe becoming a monk, or a nun, or starting an environmental non-profit organization, or being a teacher. But we’ll put all that aside. Great! Let’s do this! No matter what you read, or who you talk to, or how hard you might try to… Continue reading Don’t make a mountain of a Sand Hill (Road)

Candid thoughts about being candid

For a long time I felt hamstrung in my ability to communicate professionally. I couldn’t say what I wanted to say because of how it might be perceived by the Scripted community. I wasn’t allowed to take risks, and that meant I couldn’t be completely authentic. It wasn’t fun to write because I couldn’t write… Continue reading Candid thoughts about being candid