Why I’m not a Republican

I’m very slowly and deliberately starting the process of building my own political career, and in exploring every option, I looked at the Republican platform through the lens of a new recruit. I was curious because I like to be contrarian. I will need to stand out, and being a fairly normal, pretty moderate, left-leaning… Continue reading Why I’m not a Republican

We saw through our bubble and we don’t like it

On election day, instead of looking out and seeing our own reflection, we caught a glimpse of the other side, and we did not like what we saw. I’m reminded of the “Google Bus” uproar, and the open letter by a “tech bro” to the mayor of San Francisco about the Bay Area homeless problem.… Continue reading We saw through our bubble and we don’t like it

Don’t vote your conscience

The essence of my argument is this: don’t expect too much of your public officials. Yes, I say this as someone who hopes to run for office himself some day. Don’t expect the world of me either. I’ll be fallible, influenced by powerful friends, subject to emotional whims, and vote for things I regret. I’ll… Continue reading Don’t vote your conscience