I keep this page updated with what I’m working on now.

Main Project

Now I’m CEO of MightySignal, a data service that tracks which software is getting installed into which mobile phone apps. MightySignal is owned by Xenon Partners.

Side Projects

I also continue to work on a few side projects, most notably TrackJobChanges, Voxloca, and eNPS. Since I’m pretty busy with my day job, I have some help with these. I do it because it helps with my sanity and it’s also my hobby. I believe strongly in side projects, enough to write a book about it: The Parallel Entrepreneur.


I’m still learning Elton John, Billy Joel, and Mozart tunes. Getting better with each week of practice. I’m doing chord inversions and really trying to get better at sight reading.


I’m writing a novel! Here’s the Google doc. I also write about my other writing here.