Electric scooters have a public health externality

It's too early to get real stats on this, but I would bet real money that the cities that have allowed electric scooters into their downtowns and commercial districts have a growing public health problem. I bet the number of emergency room visits has gone way up, and the public is footing the bill.  The… Continue reading Electric scooters have a public health externality

The case for more housing in Contra Costa County

​There's a very simple lesson in economics: scarcity drives price. Take a good that most people need, like food, water, or even flashlights, and if there's a run on that good causing a shortage, price will shoot up. That's what's happening right now in real estate throughout the Bay Area but particularly in Contra Costa… Continue reading The case for more housing in Contra Costa County

Income inequality in and around Contra Costa County

Here's a look at income inequality in our area. I'm using data and charts provided by this really neat data tool at the St. Louis Fed.  Let's start with two charts for Contra Costa County and then compare it to our neighboring counties to the east and west of us. ​The first shows per capita personal income… Continue reading Income inequality in and around Contra Costa County

My critique of Prop 13

Here's what I thought of Proposition 13 going into writing this article: It keeps property taxes artificially low on valuable homes that were bought a long time agoIt has led to the underfunding and ultimate demise of public education in many CA countiesIt was written, funded, and ultimately passed by a group of fear-mongering tax… Continue reading My critique of Prop 13

Why I’m not a Republican

I’m very slowly and deliberately starting the process of building my own political career, and in exploring every option, I looked at the Republican platform through the lens of a new recruit. I was curious because I like to be contrarian. I will need to stand out, and being a fairly normal, pretty moderate, left-leaning… Continue reading Why I’m not a Republican