From good to great

An excerpt from The Parallel Entrepreneur If you can get your business up to $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR), then that’s really good. Most entrepreneurs never get there. It’s good but not great. Jonathan Siegel gave me advice that I’ll never forget. I use this bit of wisdom to fire up my drive. He… Continue reading From good to great

The definition of parallel entrepreneurship

Here’s the concept. You don’t quit your day job and then build a startup. You build a startup and then quit your day job. There’s no reason anymore to go full-time into any one thing. If you have the itch to try your hand at starting a business, then you should do it while your… Continue reading The definition of parallel entrepreneurship

Parallel entrepreneur profile: John Zimmer, Lyft

John Zimmer studied hospitality management at Cornell. He graduated in 2006 and joined Lehman Brothers, a prestigious investment bank, in order to get a better finance background but found himself bored within the first year of a two-year analyst program. When Logan Green, a friend of a friend, posted on Facebook that he was building… Continue reading Parallel entrepreneur profile: John Zimmer, Lyft