What I’m most afraid of

I started writing this post at my most recent Contra Costa County Sustainability Commission meeting which was aptly held on Earth Day. Since then I've been thinking more about this content, tossing it around in my head. The problems I described, just in the past month, have only gotten worse: historically high temperatures in the… Continue reading What I’m most afraid of

About the Contra Costa County Sustainability Commission

Our county's sustainability commission is a recent addition (November 2016) to the slate of community commissions created by the Board of Supervisors. According to its webpage, its responsibilities are threefold: Provide Advice to staff and the Board on successful implementation of the Climate Action Plan (CAP), including suggestions on how that work can be performed more… Continue reading About the Contra Costa County Sustainability Commission

California’s ‘wild’ fire season

California is warmer, dryer, and more prone to catastrophic wildfires. Those are just the facts. How we got here and what we can do to mitigate are open for debate.  This topic hit me personally this year, but not as personally as it could have been. I didn't lose a loved one or any property.… Continue reading California’s ‘wild’ fire season

My first commission seat in Contra Costa County

My very first commission seat was on the Berkeley Youth Commission. I was appointed by Berkeley City Councilmember Kris Worthington and went to a few meetings. I don't remember much about it. I think I thought it was a waste of time. This was probably 15 years ago.  Today I met with my county supervisor Candace Andersen… Continue reading My first commission seat in Contra Costa County