Dealing with public speaking panic attacks

There are people who can talk and talk and talk. You know who I’m talking about. They have opinions on pretty much everything and can relay facts and anecdotes on any topic. And they like to share it all.  Then there are people who write prolifically. It’s their main medium of communication. Ask them to… Continue reading Dealing with public speaking panic attacks

How to bring more businesses to Contra Costa County

I recently joined the Business Advisory Board in Diablo Valley College's Business Administration department. I thought it sounded like not only a great way to volunteer, give back, and meet similarly-minded people in my community, but also I was simply impressed that DVC had this. What better way to prepare business students for the real… Continue reading How to bring more businesses to Contra Costa County

The bitter taste of failure

Scripted, my first and largest business venture, was simultaneously a great success and a financial failure.  The business today is thriving without me. We sold to Xenon Ventures, a growth-oriented private equity group that will continue the work my employees and investors dedicated many years and millions of dollars to build.  For my investors, though,… Continue reading The bitter taste of failure