How to bring more businesses to Contra Costa County

I recently joined the Business Advisory Board in Diablo Valley College's Business Administration department. I thought it sounded like not only a great way to volunteer, give back, and meet similarly-minded people in my community, but also I was simply impressed that DVC had this. What better way to prepare business students for the real… Continue reading How to bring more businesses to Contra Costa County

The great 2018 Assembly District 16 debate

I watched this debate and came away very impressed by both the candidates and the moderators. The questions were direct, specific, and the candidates responded appropriately. Unlike most of our national debates, it was refreshing to watch this and actually learn something.  For those who didn't have time to watch, I'll give the play-by-play below and my… Continue reading The great 2018 Assembly District 16 debate

The case for more housing in Contra Costa County

​There's a very simple lesson in economics: scarcity drives price. Take a good that most people need, like food, water, or even flashlights, and if there's a run on that good causing a shortage, price will shoot up. That's what's happening right now in real estate throughout the Bay Area but particularly in Contra Costa… Continue reading The case for more housing in Contra Costa County

What does it mean to be unincorporated?

I spent the last ten years doing startups. Startups are all about forming new businesses, launching, incorporating. It wasn't until after we bought our house in Saranap, a neighborhood tucked between Walnut Creek and Lafayette in the East Bay, that I learned my new home was unincorporated. Unincorporated? What the heck is that?  There are 38 million… Continue reading What does it mean to be unincorporated?

What is the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors?

There are 58 counties in the State of California and every one of them has a Board Supervisors. But... why? What power does this board have and what does it do? Are county supervisors full-time positions? How do they relate to the city councils? These are the questions my neighbors peppered me with one sunny… Continue reading What is the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors?

My first commission seat in Contra Costa County

My very first commission seat was on the Berkeley Youth Commission. I was appointed by Berkeley City Councilmember Kris Worthington and went to a few meetings. I don't remember much about it. I think I thought it was a waste of time. This was probably 15 years ago.  Today I met with my county supervisor Candace Andersen… Continue reading My first commission seat in Contra Costa County

All about California Assembly District 16

My Assembly district cuts across two counties, Contra Costa to the north and Alameda to the south, and includes about 80% of Walnut Creek. It is shaped like a toilet or somebody sitting on one. I mean really, take a look.  It's an odd shape primarily due to the thousands of acres of open space… Continue reading All about California Assembly District 16