Platforms versus point solutions

This winter break has been a big one for Shovels. Despite having my kids at home, trekking out to Hawaii, and getting swept up in the Southwest chaos getting to and from Disneyland, I put a lot of deep thought into Shovels. This exercise brought out some gut-wrenching paranoia, deep frustration and confusion, and then… Continue reading Platforms versus point solutions

Business evaluation: Alumnify

I like B2B data businesses. I learned how to write web applications by building (now FindEmails -- they kept my "oo" logo after I sold it). Toofr found email addresses for business contacts. I wrote a book, The Parallel Entrepreneur, about my experience building, running, and selling Toofr while I kept a day job… Continue reading Business evaluation: Alumnify

I’m fundraising this time — and here’s why

If you read this blog, I mean really parse through it and find my stuff from 2017 and 2018, you'd be surprised to know that I'm eagerly, enthusiastically, passionately fundraising for my startup this time around. Yes, me, the guy who wrote Don't make a mountain of a Sand Hill (Road). I wrote that. I'm… Continue reading I’m fundraising this time — and here’s why