What actually happens when you click ‘publish’?

I’ve wondered this myself. Where exactly does my content go when I click the publish button? And how does the internet work? Here’s my attempt to answer these fundamental questions. It starts here. A Brief History of the Internet The internet is essentially a network of computers that can communicate with each other by transmitting packets… Continue reading What actually happens when you click ‘publish’?

If I could redo all of my content marketing

If I could redo all of my content marketing, from every company I've ever worked on, I would keep this single, simple mantra in mind: The content you publish should feel like you're giving a gift. I certainly don't feel that about everything I've published. Perhaps the closest I've gotten to that is the book… Continue reading If I could redo all of my content marketing

The bitter taste of failure

Scripted, my first and largest business venture, was simultaneously a great success and a financial failure.  The business today is thriving without me. We sold to Xenon Ventures, a growth-oriented private equity group that will continue the work my employees and investors dedicated many years and millions of dollars to build.  For my investors, though,… Continue reading The bitter taste of failure

3 things to know about HTML

Here's a little something I wrote about what I've learned about HTML, the language that drives the layout of the web. HyperText Markup Language (HTML) has become one of the underlying technologies that make the modern internet possible. You don’t have to become an HTML master for typical use. Learning three simple aspects of HTML… Continue reading 3 things to know about HTML

I’m not fundable

Someone raised a good question when I presented to a group of new companies at 500 Startups recently: “Are you worried that no one will invest in you now?” My kneejerk, snarky answer would have been something along the lines of, “Nope! And guess what? I don’t care.” But that’s not what I said. I’ll… Continue reading I’m not fundable