All about California Assembly District 16

My Assembly district cuts across two counties, Contra Costa to the north and Alameda to the south, and includes about 80% of Walnut Creek. It is shaped like a toilet or somebody sitting on one. I mean really, take a look.  It's an odd shape primarily due to the thousands of acres of open space … Continue reading All about California Assembly District 16

First-timers running for office

When I decided that I was going to run for office the first thing I did was look up the resumes of my current representatives. Most of them began their political careers representing their neighborhoods on city councils and other local organizations. Some were elected mayor or served on school boards.  Even in the age … Continue reading First-timers running for office

The role of government

I've been thinking more about how the role of government should be defined. I've always leaned toward the environment economics view of the role of government: to properly handle negative externalities. These are costs that the free market ignores and the results can be catastrophic. The most common example is clean air and water. When a factory … Continue reading The role of government

Some new data on the housing deficit

All of our local issues stem our affordable housing problem. Public safety, public health, education, transportation, and even environment, core issue that we as Democrats care about, each have a substantial stake in the affordable housing crisis. That’s the bad news, and unfortunately it gets worse. Nearly 98% of cities and counties in California have a “housing … Continue reading Some new data on the housing deficit