Here’s a very short story I wrote earlier this year that encapsulates a lot of what 2018 was for me. Some introspection, some awareness of aging, and growth all around me. “How old are you?” she asked. “36,” I replied. I know where she’s going with this. “How long until you’ll be 100?” “A long… Continue reading One-hundred-and-two

Taking the CEO job at MightySignal

Earlier this summer the Apple App Store celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Since it launched a decade ago, iPhone users downloaded over 200 billion apps and the App Store now holds over 4 million of them to choose from. The tremendous growth in the mobile app market spawned an additional ecosystem around software development kits (SDKs).… Continue reading Taking the CEO job at MightySignal

Electric scooters have a public health externality

It's too early to get real stats on this, but I would bet real money that the cities that have allowed electric scooters into their downtowns and commercial districts have a growing public health problem. I bet the number of emergency room visits has gone way up, and the public is footing the bill.  The… Continue reading Electric scooters have a public health externality

The great 2018 Assembly District 16 debate

I watched this debate and came away very impressed by both the candidates and the moderators. The questions were direct, specific, and the candidates responded appropriately. Unlike most of our national debates, it was refreshing to watch this and actually learn something.  For those who didn't have time to watch, I'll give the play-by-play below and my… Continue reading The great 2018 Assembly District 16 debate

Lifestyle over money

I reconnected with a few college friends recently who I rarely see. They were overachievers — 3.95 GPAs at UC Berkeley (which is quite literally insane, especially in the poli sci and math departments they graduated from) — and went on to get great jobs and MBAs from Stanford and Harvard. They both have plenty of money, lots of… Continue reading Lifestyle over money

Building out my little empire

It’s been over a year since I left the comfort and security of a VC-backed paycheck. I haven’t missed it. It’s been a year of growth and development. I’ve struggled, I’ve succeeded, and in some aspects I’ve failed. But the ball has continued to move forward. For most of the past 18 months I haven’t… Continue reading Building out my little empire

Where’s the ‘alt-middle’?

It's election time now and all of the groups I follow are in full partisan campaign mode. The campaign rhetoric and arguments are tiring and the same. Gun control: public safety vs individual rightsLabor: union rights vs employer rightsEnvironment: nature vs jobsHousing: community control vs more development I have not been impressed by anyone running… Continue reading Where’s the ‘alt-middle’?