The 3 things that mattered to me in 2017

I can encapsulate my 2017 in three quick topics. Fatherhood This year began with a very high high and a very low low. The high was Norah, born just a month before the new year. I was excited to be a new dad again and go into it seasoned this time. I wanted to soak… Continue reading The 3 things that mattered to me in 2017

Toofr LLC monthly report: Nov 2017

Welp, it was a mostly rough month last month but December is already pointing in a much better direction. I think Q4 in general has been a transition from big customers to smaller ones. Although I've lost MRR again, the total number of customers has held steady. There's much to improve but I'm optimistic that… Continue reading Toofr LLC monthly report: Nov 2017

I wrote 17K words in just two days

I’m surprised that I want to write this. I’ve written more in the last two days than I’ve probably written in the last year. And yet here I am, sitting across from the wood-burning fire in my fancy room at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn, itching to write more. The last two days were my… Continue reading I wrote 17K words in just two days