Read Write Play: Q4 2017

A few months ago I wrote this piece about three things I wish I did more often to be and feel better. One of the things on my list was another list of three things. For personal enrichment, I want to always have something that I’m reading, something that I’m writing, and something that I’m… Continue reading Read Write Play: Q4 2017

Why SaaS is a solo founder’s dream come true

The dream is 100 customers paying you $100 per month. That’s the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solopreneur’s mecca. A hundred customers paying $100 per month adds up to $120,000 per year of revenue. Since we’re building software, you’ll have about 85% gross margins, so your gross profit is at least $100,000. Your operating expenses are business-related assets… Continue reading Why SaaS is a solo founder’s dream come true

Toofr LLC monthly report: Oct 2017

This month saw a net MRR loss but I have reasons to be optimistic. I'm including some charts that I didn't show last time in addition to updating the same charts from last month. Here we go! Referral traffic update Referral traffic is up 10% again month-over-month. This is good progress and a really important… Continue reading Toofr LLC monthly report: Oct 2017

A few more thoughts about hiring

Last week I started hiring again for the first time in almost a year. It felt different this time because I’m now hiring for my own bootstrapped business. It was also different because I was the sole decision-maker. Here’s a recap on how it went down and what I learned. It’s been nearly seven months… Continue reading A few more thoughts about hiring

Hiring feels a lot different when it’s your own money

I recently posted a part-time marketing job description to help me with a bunch of tactical stuff for Toofr. I need help writing, SEO position tracking, supporting customers, and generally moving the ball downfield on all of my websites. I posted on Craigslist, HireClub, and Over the last few days I received about 50… Continue reading Hiring feels a lot different when it’s your own money