The definition of parallel entrepreneurship

Here’s the concept. You don’t quit your day job and then build a startup. You build a startup and then quit your day job. There’s no reason anymore to go full-time into any one thing. If you have the itch to try your hand at starting a business, then you should do it while your… Continue reading The definition of parallel entrepreneurship

Toofr LLC monthly report: Sep 2017

Here we go. This is my first public “Toofr LLC Board Meeting” in the shape of a blog post.  I’m doing this for myself, to make myself run the numbers, build the charts, and spend the time analyzing. I’m publishing this on LinkedIn because it will force me to do it well.  There’s lots of… Continue reading Toofr LLC monthly report: Sep 2017

Being good at computer programming

I’m not a “good” programmer but I am “good at” programming. What’s the difference? Let me explain. Good programmers write beautiful, optimized code. They write good tests and enjoy doing it. They know Javascript and Ruby and can quickly pick up other languages too. They don’t need to spend time Googling error messages because their… Continue reading Being good at computer programming