My greatest hits at Scripted

I’ve been thinking recently about what I did right during my time at Scripted as a co-founder, COO, head of sales, and finally CEO. A few surprising things came to mind. Here they are. I had “grandma shirts” made for the entire team at our last retreat Let me take a step back and explain this… Continue reading My greatest hits at Scripted

Open the gate

I’ve thought a lot about running for office. I studied it in college and in graduate school but I decided to take a detour through the private sector to get some practical experience and financial cushion. Three years ago I started a family and just recently decided that I should prioritize a lifestyle that lets… Continue reading Open the gate

From royal ‘we’ to royal ‘me’

On being transparent that Toofr is just me When I first started Toofr, even though I was the only person working on it, I’d refer to myself in the plural. “We launched a couple of years ago.” “We’re going to release that feature soon.” “The biggest difference between us and them is…” And so on. My… Continue reading From royal ‘we’ to royal ‘me’