My vision for Medium

Medium needs to make money and apparently they haven’t decided or aren’t ready to share the plan yet. Well, I have two bad ideas, one okay idea, and one good one that I’d like to share. I’ll start with the bad ideas first. Charge for reading There are two paradigms here: readers pay and advertisers pay.… Continue reading My vision for Medium

Here’s how I’ll fix our churn problem

The biggest problem we have at Scripted is churn. The second biggest problem, and it’s related, is burn. Sounds funny, churn and burn, but together they can make or break your business. We measure churn as the number of cancellations this month divided by the number of active subscribers at the end of last month.… Continue reading Here’s how I’ll fix our churn problem

Buckley’s grilled cowboy rib eye steaks

Here’s the recipe. Get some big ass cowboy rib eye steaks. Bone-in because you’re not a wimp and you’re willing to pay $17 per pound for some carbon. Seriously, shell out. These two bad boys costed $64 at Whole Foods. Hurt so good!Sprinkle LIBERALLY with salt. Yes, like Bernie Sanders liberally.Use a rub if you… Continue reading Buckley’s grilled cowboy rib eye steaks