The Scripted origin story, as I remember it

This fall I will have worked on my writing company for 10 years. Here’s how it all started, as best I can remember it. In the summer of 2004, I needed a change in my life. I spent the majority of my four years at UC Berkeley doing all sorts of environment things, culminating with… Continue reading The Scripted origin story, as I remember it

Startup friends: stop the sob stories, please

I’m sorry, guys. This is a rant. I am tired of hearing about how hard starting and running a company is. I’m tired of hearing first about the psychological toll and then about the glory of building a business. Want to know what psychological toll really is? Raising two kids on minimum wage in the… Continue reading Startup friends: stop the sob stories, please

Digging in

One of my managers back at Navigant Consulting would invite me to “dig in” with him when he really wanted to chat. It’s a good metaphor. As I’ve aged (now into my 33s) I’ve come to appreciate it more. Anything worth doing takes time. It requires digging in. Whether it’s a relationship with your spouse,… Continue reading Digging in

Being prepared

For fatherhood, for public speaking My favorite new dad book is called “Be Prepared.” I appreciate the practical tips, the funny sketches, and comprehensive wisdom about becoming a father. Indeed, even though nothing can prepare you for what it’s like, you still should study up and know what to expect. I’m not a good impromptu speaker.… Continue reading Being prepared