Chin up, everybody

People often ask me what my workout routine is… Just kidding. Nobody has ever asked me that. However, I discovered something in the last two years that has wiped out my back pain, added pounds of muscle, and filled out my v-neck shirts. It’s the overhand pull-up. Until about two years ago I would only… Continue reading Chin up, everybody

My 15 minutes of Ferriss

Here’s how I met Tim Ferriss and published on his blog. First, I showed up. I met Tim Ferriss at a private party hosted by Google Ventures at Rickhouse in downtown San Francisco back in October 2012. It might have been one of those fancy parties during TechCrunch Disrupt or Dreamforce. It doesn’t matter. I got… Continue reading My 15 minutes of Ferriss

My very expensive chair

I don’t usually love expensive things. For this piece of furniture, though, I made a big, whopping exception. My Eames It’s my Eames Lounge Chair, and I just goddamn love it. It’s one of the things I looked forward to about owning a house. The justification was easy: when you spend your life savings on… Continue reading My very expensive chair

An ode to the suburbs

About twenty miles east of San Francisco there is an expansive oasis of calm. A place where the air smells of grass and bay leaves, where the hills transition from burnt yellow to mild green with the seasonal rains. It’s where you can buy a home for about a million dollars and feel pretty good… Continue reading An ode to the suburbs